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Contexts for Learning Mathematics, Level 1

Investigating Number Sense Grades K-3

By Catherine Twomey Fosnot

Contexts for Learning Mathematics is a rigorous classroom resource that makes use of a math workshop environment to bring the Standards for Mathematical Practice to life. The Level 1 (grades K–3) package includes eight classroom-tested units (and supporting resources) that use rich, authentic contexts to promote understanding and ensure the development of a positive growth mindset.


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Contexts for Learning Mathematics (CFLM) uses rich, authentic contexts provide a backdrop for fostering a positive growth mindset through:

  • the use of mathematical models as thinking tools
  • tenacious problem solving
  • the reading and writing of mathematical arguments and justification

Flexibly designed, CFLM units can be used to enhance your teaching, supplement your curriculum, or differentiate instruction. Each unit stands on its own, presenting a two-week sequence of interconnected investigations, games, and minilessons created to support key math topics.

Investigating Number Sense, Addition, and Subtraction (Grades K–3) is the first level in the Contexts for Learning Mathematics series. This package includes eight flexibly designed units for enhancing your teaching, supplementing your curriculum, or differentiating your instruction. The units in this package include:

  • Bunk Beds and Apple Boxes (Early Number Sense)
  • Organizing and Collecting (The Number System)
  • Beads and Shoes, Making Twos (Extending Number Sense)
  • The Double-Decker Bus (Early Addition and Subtraction)
  • Measuring for the Art Show (Addition on the Open Number Line)
  • Trades, Jumps, and Stops (Early Algebra)
  • Ages and Timelines (Subtraction on the Open Number Line)
  • The T-Shirt Factory (Place Value, Addition, and Subtraction)

Each unit can stand on its own, presenting a two-week sequence of interconnected investigations, games, and minilessons created to support the development of key topics in addition, subtraction, and place value.

Along with the units books, this package includes an Overview Book that provides a deeper dive into the content, strategies, and overall philosophy specific to these grade levels, eight Read-Aloud Books that set the stage for learning, three Resource Books containing strings of related minilessons for supporting instruction throughout the year, and access to Digital Resources that include extensive professional learning support.

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