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Speaking Volumes

How to Get Students Discussing Books--And Much More

By Barry Gilmore

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1. Before You Begin: Goals and Strategies
Why These Discussion Techniques?
Tips for Preparing Discussions
Tips for Leading Discussion
How the Rest of this Book Is Organized

2. Lines
Line Exercise 1: Surveys
Line Exercise 2: Get Off the Fence
Line Exercise 3: The Grid

3. Circles
Circle Exercise 1: The Fishbowl
Circle Exercise 2: Brainstorming Groups
Circle Exercise 3: Idea Pass-Arounds

4. Big Paper
Big Paper Exercise 1: Wall Posters
Big Paper Exercise 2: Combining Voices
Big Paper Exercise 3: Silent Discussion

5. Technology
Technology Exercise 1: The Electronic Conversation
Technology Exercise 2: In the Forum
Technology Exercise 3: Tracking Changes
Technology Exercise 4: A Thousand Words

6. Formal Discussion and Debate
Debate Exercise 1: Debate
Debate Exercise 2: Rules of Order

7. For Further Discussion
Jump-Starts and Filler
Discussion Prompts
Sample Quotations
A Compilation of Follow-up Ideas

Appendix: Useful Information
A Note About Standards
Works Mentioned in this Book