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Heinemann Fellows Program Description

Heinemann Publishing has convened a small group of educators who exhibit exceptional promise for concentrated, enhanced pedagogy. This talented fellowship of individuals will pursue the shared goal of advancing the teaching profession. Any K-12 teacher or administrator is eligible regardless of amount of experience or position held. Membership in this group is not a reward for past accomplishments but rather an investment in an educator's originality, insight, and potential impact on the teaching profession.

Ellin Oliver Keene will serve as the Chair of this group. Ellin is the author of numerous professional books on the teaching of reading. She facilitates in depth professional residencies in schools across the US and is currently writing a book on student engagement.

Why a Heinemann Fellows Program?

Heinemann's primary purpose in establishing this group is to expand what we learn from practicing educators. Since our ability to advance the profession is tightly coupled with our understanding of the day-to-day lives of teachers, conducting a series of regular, intimate gatherings with a group of talented and reflective educators will influence our publishing decisions and ensure that we keep a finger on the pulse of varied classrooms and educator experiences. To learn more, read reflections from the first class of Heinemann Fellows.


The common thread among members will be their interest in learning from one another and their desire to share what they know. Fellows will be ambassadors for their schools and districts, as well as for Heinemann.

Benefits of Becoming a Heinemann Fellow

Expectations and Responsibilities of Fellows

Application Process

The current application period has ended.
Our next application cycle will begin in spring 2018.