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Interactive Read-Alouds, Grades 2-3

Linking Standards, Fluency, and Comprehension

Linda Hoyt

SeriesThis product is part of the series: The Interative Read-Alouds Series

ISBN 978-0-325-01057-1 / 0-325-01057-9 / 2007 / 424pp / Bundle
Imprint: FirstHand
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Grade Level: 2nd - 3rd
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Read-aloud time is much treasured in most elementary classrooms as teachers share children’s classics with their young readers. Linda Hoyt’s Interactive Read-Alouds will help you make the most of read-aloud time by showing you creative ways to use popular children’s literature to teach standards, fluency, and comprehension. Combining award-winning text and engaging conversations with reflective thinking, Linda’s lessons will add drama to your literacy block and will teach your young readers strategies they will use across the curriculum.

Interactive Read-Alouds includes the following components:

  • Interactive Read-Alouds (book of lessons) contains standards-based lessons designed around children’s classics with Share the Reading strategies and Readers Theater Scripts.
  • The Teacher’s Guide outlines the thinking behind Interactive Read-Alouds and describes how to apply the strategies in your classroom.
  • An Interactive Read-Alouds CD-ROM provides all of the shared text and Readers Theater Scripts in an easily accessible PDF format.
Key Features
  • Each lesson’s concise Lesson Plan models an interactive read-aloud followed by an end of story reflection and strategies for sharing, extending, and assessing the learning. Plus, a test-style assessment option familiarizes students with the type of literature analysis required on standardized tests.
  • A regular Share the Reading feature provides a shared text to reinforce the lesson’s teaching in a type treatment that is easy to read and in a reproducible format that is easy to photocopy.
  • Every lesson includes a Readers Theater Script that introduces drama into a reading curriculum in a way that allows students of varying reading abilities to interact with different types of text and each other.

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