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The I-Search Paper

Revised Edition of Searching Writing

Ken Macrorie

ISBN 978-0-86709-223-3 / 0-86709-223-8 / 1988 / 359pp / Paperback
Imprint: Heinemann
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Grade Level: College - College
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This revised and retitled edition of Searching Writing includes two additional I-Search papers, one by a teacher, and a new chapter entitled "The Larger Context," which shows how the I Search concept can work throughout the whole curriculum in school and college. As with the first edition, The I-Search Paper is more than just a textbook; it's a new form of instructional help -- a context book -- that shows students what authority is in matters of learning and invites them to join the author and teacher in the educational movement called "Writing to Learn."

To put this book in the hands of all the students in the course is not only to help them carry out an I-Search but to introduce them in a delightful way to the resources and tools of intellectual inquiry -- but one that never forgets the emotional or physical side of human activity.

This is a rare textbook that treats students as partners in learning. It shows what it is to take charge of one's own learning and suggests that this move is one that productive people keep making throughout their lives.

I. Writing Every Day 1.Free Writing 2. Loopy Learning 3. Throwing Back the English 4. Truthtelling 5.Cutting Wasted Words II. I-Searching 6. The I-Search Paper 7. A Topic Choosing You 8. Locating Sources 9. Tell It as Story 10. Talking Animals 11. Interviewing 12. I and the Others 13. Objectivity and Subjectivity 14. Five I-Search Papers III. Becoming an Editor 15. Bad Words 16. Getting the Point 17. Editing Day IV. Looking in the Cupboard 18. Filled with Books 19. Issued Periodically 20. A Profundity of Learning? 21. Sam and Noah 22. Historical Lexicography 23. Spellynge, Spellyng, Spelling 24. "Can I Become a Writer?" 25. The Larger Context

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