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Writing Strategies Book

Align the goals in Writing Strategies Book with Empowering Writers

To help you use her Writing Strategies Book most effectively, Jennifer Serravallo has created a crosswalk between her book and several commonly used writing approaches and programs. If you use Empowering Writers, Jen’s guide includes a chart that helps you align the 10 goals in The Writing Strategies Book to the four rubrics found on Empowering Writers website.

Jen’s hierarchy of 10 writing goals is a great foundation for lesson plans, and it maps onto many categories in the Empowering Writers rubrics. Once you’ve assessed your writers, Jen’s goals can help prioritize the work you do with individual students, small groups, or whole groups. You’ll get great ideas for matching strategies to writers’ needs.

“Empowering Writers have organized their learning objectives into assessment categories. In this guide, I offer you my best attempt at correlating my categories to their rubric, so that if you identify from that a student could use work in a certain category, you’ll be able to easily find strategies in my book to support that student.”

Jennifer Serravallo

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