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Inquiry Resources

The latest and most frequently accessed Heinemann books and articles on science, student research, and inquiry.

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podcastResearcher's Workshop to Go

Give kids the tools to read, view, and listen as they learn new information and explore the world.

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podcastPodcast:Inquiry Illuminated with Anne Goudvis, Steph Harvey, and Karen Halverson

What is at the core of inquiry based learning? How do you get started?

blog postIncorporating Curiosity into Your Students' Day

Harvey "Smokey" Daniels speaks about some of the ways to incorporate curiosity into the classroom.

blog post Action Research is Learning While Teaching

We don’t have to wait for our school administrators to tell us what to do. We can begin discovering new knowledge and uncovering deeper understanding of our students, our colleagues, and ourselves as educators.

video postConnect civic action with inquiry in the classroom

Research projects on civil action encourage persuasive writing, collaboration, and conflict resolution with passion.

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video postWhat do we look for in a photo?

Teaching students to close read of a photo to learn what the photographer was trying to convey.

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resource post What are Inquiry Circles?

Successful inquiry isn’t simply sticking five kids together and telling them to research a topic.

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