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The Teacher Tip

Talking to Students About Engagement

June 13, 2018

Adapted from Engaging Children by Ellin Oliver Keene

Take a few moments today to consider an engaged learning experience in your life. Don't limit yourself to strictly academic moments. Your engagement may have been in nature, in an art museum, at a ballpark, or on a bicycle. Then again, your experience may have been reading a recent publication by an author you love,or rereading a professional book that buoys you for the school year ahead.

Now, write or tell someone about the experience as I did above and look back on the nouns and especially the verbs you used in your description. These words provide the language you can use to talk about engaged experiences with students. If you shared your story orally, ask your listener(s) to jot down the words that mark your thoughts and emotions as part of a truly engaged experience. If you've written about your experience, highlight the words that can be shared with students.

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