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The Teacher Tip

Putting Technology to Good Use

June 11, 2018

Adapted from The Curious Classroom: 10 Structures for Teaching with Student-Directed Inquiry by Harvey “Smokey” Daniels


Visiting schools these days, it sometimes feels like a technology festival. Symbaloo, Padlet, Kiddle, Edmodo, Google Classroom—and those are just the old ones! After decades of unfulfilled promises, an age of truly powerful tech-enabled learning is finally upon us. Today, kids can do things that were never possible before, reaching out to the world to investigate, build knowledge, and teach others. As these new tools and platforms are introduced, teachers are skillfully differentiating between the steak and the sizzle, focusing on the apps that aren’t just gimmicks, but that genuinely amplify good teaching (Muhtaris and Ziemke 2015).


Inquiry gives kids a real purpose for using the latest technology

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