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Tips for Summer Reading

May 16, 2018

Adapted from It’s All About the Books by Tammy Mulligan and Clare Landrigan

Each year we spend a week or two at the end of school helping readers make a reading plan for summer vacation. The first step we teach our students is to think about when they will have time to read. Will they be spending more time at home? Are they going away? Visiting family? Are plans still undecided? Students talk with their families to see if there are any specific summer plans. We give students a summer calendar that shows when school will end and when it begins again so that they know how many days they have to plan.

We also want our readers to think about where they will read. Will they spend more time in a car or on public transportation? Will they be away or stay at home? This information will help them devise the best plan they can.

1. Read in the car or when traveling on a bus.
2. Begin each day with reading before it gets too hot.
3. Partner-read with a parent or caregiver.
4. Read books to a younger child, a friend, or a neighbor.
5. Keep books in a bag so that they are easy to grab.
6. Keep books in a spot where you can find them.

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