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Active Research Activities

May 8, 2018

Adapted from Beyond Literary Analysis by Allison Marchetti and Rebekah O’Dell

Students who complain the research is boring need to get out more – that is, they need to seek out experiences that might offer a new perspective or help build their knowledge of a certain topic. Experiential actions research conveys the authority of an eyewitness. This table details a variety of experiences that match the types of analytical writing students might be doing.

Type of Analytical Writing
    Authority-Building Experiences
Sports Analysis
• Attend a sports game
• Listen to a sports podcast
• Gain experience as an “announcer” at a school sports game
• Play on a sports team

Music Analysis
• Attend a concert
• Join a band
• Take music lessons
• Listen to a music podcast
Literary Analysis
• Attend a book club
• Listen to a literary podcast
• Watch a documentary on an author
Video game analysis• Play video games
• Watch a friend play a game
TV and movie analysis
• Go to the movies
• Host a TV viewing party
• Watch television “aftershows” and behind-the-scenes DVD extras
• Listen to a podcast

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