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Introduce Close Reading Lesson Structure

November 9, 2017

Adapted from The Literacy Teacher’s Playbook, Grades 3-6 by Jennifer Serravallo

Introduce a technique, tip or concept: Introducing a transferrable teaching point or strategy before students practice will help encourage transfer. Explain up front what you want them to understand about the reading process, not just what you want them to understand about the text you’ve chosen. After stating the transferrable work, you may choose to explain, give an example, or even do a very brief demonstration.

Apply: Read together (in chorus) from a single copy of a text. Avoid making copies and distributing them so that each student has his own—this can lead students to read ahead or become disengaged or distracted. When you have all eyes in the same place, you’ll be better able to manage everyone’s attention. As you read, balance think-alouds and questions to engage students in their own thinking and conversation with one another.

Review: Reinforce the tip(s) or technique(s) you applied so that students may transfer this learning to their independent reading.

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