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The Quickwrite Handbook
100 Mentor Texts to Jumpstart Your Students’ Thinking and Writing
Linda Rief
Grade: 5th - 12th
Pub Date: 6/15/2018

Helping students put words on a page can be hard enough. “I don’t have anything to write about!” they say. And when writing does happen, how do you help them develop these ideas into more effective pieces?

A powerful tool to jumpstart writing

In The Quickwrite Handbook, master teacher Linda Rief shares 100 compelling mentor... more

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The Quickwrite Handbook Podcast

Penny talks with Linda about her new The Quickwrite Handbook: 100 Mentor Texts to Jumpstart Your Students Thinking and Writing.... more
The Smart Writing Handbook
Laura Robb
Grade: 5th - 8th
Pub Date: 4/15/2012

“Students need elbow room to make decisions about what to write, revise, and publish. Adolescents crave responsibility. This handbook supports students by showing them how to assume greater responsibility and independence with writing assignments.”

Laura Robb

The Smart Writing Handbook reinforces important lessons from Smart Writing’s... more

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Literacy Beginnings, 3rd Edition
A Prekindergarten Handbook
Gay Su PinnellIrene Fountas
Grade: PreK - PreK
Pub Date: 4/20/2021

“The knowledge that forms the foundation for reading and writing is built throughout early childhood through play, language, and literacy experiences.” –Irene C. Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell

Play and language are critical early literacy learning tools for the prekindergarten child. Through play and language, they learn about their world and... more

Other Formats Available
eBook + Print Bundle
The Mainstreaming Handbook
How to Be an Advocate for Your Special-Needs Students
Deborah Coughlin
Grade: K - 12th
Pub Date: 3/9/2000

This is a handbook for regular classroom teachers with students who don’t necessarily qualify for special services, but are in need of special help nonetheless: Children who suffer from learning disabilities, ADD, asthma, or allergies. Children who are in foster care or victims of physical abuse. Children who live in a car or whose parents sell drugs. Children like these... more
The SSR Handbook
How to Organize and Manage a Sustained Silent Reading Program
Jan Pilgreen
Grade: 4th - 10th
Pub Date: 3/1/2000

    Altogether, this is a thoroughly researched, well-organized, and highly readable book.
    —Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy
It comes as no surprise that the students who read often are the students who read well. How, then, can we get the rest of our students reading? Is it enough to set aside in-class time for sustained silent reading? Or should... more
The Resourceful Writing Teacher
A Handbook of Essential Skills and Strategies
Jenny M Bender
Grade: 3rd - 8th
Pub Date: 10/10/2007

This book will be a cherished teaching companion for every teacher lucky enough to hold it.  
—Lucy Calkins
The Resourceful Writing Teacher answers the need for a handbook on not only how to teach writing well but also what skills students need and a repertoire of strategies they can use to
... more
Expressive Actor, The
Integrated Voice, Movement, and Acting Training
Michael Lugering
Grade: College - Adult
Pub Date: 2/19/2007

The Expressive Actor is an innovative guide to training your body, mind, and spirit to deliver top-notch dramatic performances. Master teacher Michael Lugering’s pioneering approach and smart exercises synthesize the traditionally disparate disciplines of acting, voice, and movement into one unified method by placing you in direct contact with the physical sensations... more
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