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Literacy Teacher's Playbook 3-6 (Print eBook Bundle)

By Jennifer Serravallo
Foreword by Ellin Oliver Keene

“What you can pull out of a student’s messy desk is actually data,” writes Jen. Her four-step protocol provides reliable formative assessment that helps you know every student better so you can meet their needs with confidence.

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This book is about being empowered by assessment, not bogged down by it.
Jennifer Serravallo

“The aim of The Literacy Teacher’s Playbook,” writes Jennifer Serravallo, “is to help you collect data that is helpful, analyze the data correctly, and make plans based on that data.”

National and state standards set learning goals, and it’s up to you to help each student find his or her path to meeting them. That’s why Jen opens up her thinking on assessment in this workshop-in-a-book. Her four-step protocol leads you toward goal-directed instruction:

  • collect the data that will be the most useful to you
  • analyze the data to understand deeply what kids know and can do
  • synthesize data from multiple assessments to create learning goals
  • develop instructional plans and follow-ups to monitor progress.

“What you can pull out of a student’s messy desk is actually data,” Jen writes. So she provides downloadable assessment packets from real students representing two puzzling types of learners. Spread Joana’s packet out and let Jen model her protocol. Next try a guided practice with Alex’s work. Then you’ll be ready to try it with your own students.

Trust The Literacy Teacher’s Playbook to discover that assessment isn’t about numbers and letters. It’s about relying on an assessment procedure that helps you know each and every one of your students, so you can teach with confidence and make a difference.

Read a sample chapter from The Literacy Teacher's Playbook.

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1. Collecting Data: Assessment Lenses and Tools
2. Analyzing Data: Making Discoveries from Student Work
3. Interpreting Data and Establishing a Goal
4. Creating an Action Plan


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"In The Literacy Teacher’s Playbook, Serravallo makes data driven instruction manageable and comprehensible for literacy classroom teachers. "
—Casey Gilewski, MiddleWeb

"I recommend this book for ALL teachers of literacy!! "
—Sally at Fun with Reading and Writing

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