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The Culturally Responsive Teacher (DVD)

How Understanding Culture Positively Impacts Instruction and Student Achievement: A Professional Development Workshop

Sonya Whitaker's sensitive, sensible, and structured workshop shows you how to provide a  respectful and professional place to discuss cultural conflicts and learn to be culturally responsive educators, providing everything a facilitator needs to resolve cultural conflicts.

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“Regardless of the resources available to teachers and the time and energy they are putting forth to ensure that all students experience academic success, there is a group of students who are failing miserably in their classrooms. And teachers want a safe place to talk about it.” Sonya Whitaker

“How can I connect with a student that I don’t look like?”

It’s a question usually saved for the parking lot. In The Culturally Responsive Teacher, Sonya Whitaker shows you how to provide a safe, respectful, and professional place for teachers to discuss cultural conflicts and learn to be culturally responsive educators.

“There are cultural conflicts taking place in classrooms across the entire country. Teachers need a safe place to figure out what is happening so that they can be about the business of dramatically increasing student achievement. They need their parking-lot conversations to take place in a professional development workshop.” Sonya Whitaker

Sonya’s sensitive, sensible, and structured workshop helps participants discover how their own cultural background may affect their perceptions of what students know and are able to do. She shares a simple framework to resolve cultural conflicts that may have a long-term impact on students’ performance in school.

With strong emphasis on supporting higher student achievement, The Culturally Responsive Teacher provides everything a facilitator needs.

  • Workshop footage teaches you how to present the workshop and includes helpful video clips to share with participants.
  • The facilitator’s guide walks you through the workshop, including organizing for half-day, full-day, and multiple-day sessions.
  • All handout materials and two additional readings are printable from the DVD.

Additional Resource Information

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For Facilitators

Full-Day Workshop

Whitaker’s Vacation

Having Productive Discussions

For Participants

Sonya’s Welcome

A Definition of Culture

Rules of Engagement

A Professional Experience

Discover Your Culture

Resolving Cultural Conflicts

Resolving Our Own Cultural Conflicts

Assessing Our Responses

Assessment Questionnaire

Group 3 Shares Its Assessment

Sonya’s Synthesis

Sonya’s Summary

Sonya’s Hopes

Print Material for Facilitators

Terminology Sheet

Discover Your Culture Framework

Guidelines for Resolving Cultural Conflicts

Cultural Conflict Discussion Possibilities

Conflict Importance and Pertinence

Resolution to Cultural Conflicts Assessment Questionnaire

Sample Probing Questions for Facilitators

Cultural Conflict Scenarios

Additional Resources to Read and Discuss

  • “Talking Race: Making a Space Where Teachers Can Talk About Differences,” by Jenee Darden
  • “Relevant: Beyond the Basics,” by Jacqueline Jordan Irvine