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Units of Study in Phonics, Grade 1: Virtual Teaching Resources, 2021-22 Subscription

By Lucy Calkins, Teachers College Reading & Writing Project

Lucy Calkins and her TCRWP colleagues have developed Units of Study in Phonics Virtual Teaching Resources, Grade 1, for student use in any classes that remain virtual, as well as for teacher professional development. Designed to supplement the print Units of Study, the Virtual Teaching Resources include minilesson videos recorded by TCRWP staff developers, along with additional videos to support teachers and families.


Virtual Teaching Resources

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About the Units of Study Virtual Teaching Resources, 2021-22 Subscriptions

Because so many of you in the Units of Study community requested ongoing access to the Units of Study Virtual Teaching Resources from the 2020-21 school year—especially as models for the most effective ways to teach minilessons—Lucy Calkins and her Teachers College Reading and Writing Project colleagues have adapted those virtual modules to align with their 2021-22 Suggested Sequence and have also identified some specific additional resources that will be especially helpful as you return to in-person teaching and learning this fall. These Virtual Teaching Resources are designed for student use in any classes that remain virtual as well as for teacher PD.

Units Included in the Grade 1 Phonics Virtual Teaching Resources, 2021-22

The Units of Study in Phonics Virtual Teaching Resources, Grade 1 subscription includes virtual teaching resources for the following units:

  • Vowel Power (GRADE K, BOOK 4, BENDS I & II)
  • Talking and Thinking about Letters (BOOK 1)
  • The Mystery of the Silent e (BOOK 2)
  • From Tip to Tail: Reading across Words (BOOK 3)
  • Word Builders: Using Vowel Teams to Build Big Words (BOOK 4)
  • Marvelous Bloopers: Learning Through Wise Mistakes (BOOK 5)

Created Based on TCRWP’s 2020-21 Suggested Scope and Sequence

Units included in each UOS Virtual Teaching Resources Subscription were chosen based on the TCRWP 2021–22 Suggested Sequence.

Please Note: The units in the 2021–22 UOS VTR do not specifically align to the units in the print sets of Units of Study. In addition, not all units referenced in the Suggested Sequence are included in the 2021–22 UOS VTR. Please see the chart on pages 5–7 of the Overview Brochure for a complete list of units included in each grade-level subscription. For a complete list of the trade books needed for each subscription, please see the Trade Book List.

For more information about the Units of Study Virtual Teaching Resources, visit

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