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TCRWP Virtual Summer School 2021 Curriculum, Rising Grade 3

By Lucy Calkins, Teachers College Reading & Writing Project

The TCRWP Virtual Summer School Curriculum for Rising Grade 3 students has been designed to provide students who will be entering Grade 3 in the fall with a 6-week sequence of engaging learning that, above all, supports their foundational skills, including phonemic awareness, phonics, main idea, argument, and more. The modules are also available for individual purchase.

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Full Description

About the TCRWP Virtual Summer School Curriculum

These all-new, standards-based—and joyful—summer school units/modules were developed around what we observe to be the most important needs of students as they emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic and prepare for the new school year. We offer the units in a suggested sequence, but, because we know that some schools and districts will wish to plan their own sequence, each module can be purchased a-la-carte as well. See the “Subscription Terms and Conditions” section on this webpage for more information.

Units/Modules Included in this Grade-Level Sequence

The following are the reading/phonics and writing virtual units that comprise this subscription:

Using Phonics and Fluency to Bring Characters to Life, Rising Grade 3 (27 Student Videos)

  • This unit focuses on foundational work and supports students in paying attention to characters, using their phonics knowledge to decode, and monitor for meaning. You’ll focus on helping students get to know characters’ feelings and traits, and to use that information to make informed predictions about what comes next in the story as well as to confirm or revise those predictions. You’ll also support students in working on fluency. You’ll support students in working to monitor and self-correct, helping them to decode the longer words they are encountering and inviting them to look at prefixes and suffixes to help with vocabulary and meaning.

Writing Series Fiction, Rising Grade 3 (24 Student Videos)

  • Students will learn to develop characters by adding distinctive details that reoccur in every book of their series, by thinking about their character’s traits and finding ways to show those through actions and dialogue. They’ll give their character a series of problem adventures. Throughout this work, students are guided to use phonics and knowledge of conventions on the run as they engage in first draft writing, and to reread their writing, monitoring for sense, revising for clarity, and making their writing more readable. 

Building Blocks: High Frequency Words & Phonological Awareness, Rising Grade 3
3 PA units with 10 videos each (includes 2 units with review of rising grade 2 and 1 unit with new content), 20 HFW videos

  •  Each summer school day for rising third graders begins with a lively, quick cumulative phonics review that uses highly engaging activities to help kids consolidate their knowledge of phonics. This work includes Making Words (also called Word Ladders), an activity that can be done again and again in ways that reinforce other phonics work. Kids work with words, breaking them down, writing them, using familiar word parts to do so. They revisit endings (especially n blends), vowel teams such as igh, ie, ow, ou, ew, ue, au, aw, and R-controlled vowels, and also work with prefixes and suffixes. The goal for this work is to support review and automaticity with the phonics that children are taught during kindergarten and first grade. 

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