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TCRWP Virtual Summer School 2021 Curriculum, Rising Grade 2

By Lucy Calkins, Teachers College Reading & Writing Project

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The TCRWP Virtual Summer School Curriculum for Rising Grade 2 students has been designed to provide students who will be entering Grade 2 in the fall with a 6-week sequence of engaging learning that, above all, supports their foundational skills, including phonemic awareness, phonics, main idea, argument, and more. The modules are also available for individual purchase.

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Full Description

About the TCRWP Virtual Summer School Curriculum

These all-new, standards-based—and joyful—summer school units/modules were developed around what we observe to be the most important needs of students as they emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic and prepare for the new school year. We offer the units in a suggested sequence, but, because we know that some schools and districts will wish to plan their own sequence, each module can be purchased a-la-carte as well. See the “Subscription Terms and Conditions” section on this webpage for more information.

Units/Modules Included in this Grade-Level Sequence

The following are the reading/phonics and writing virtual units that comprise this subscription:

Strengthening Vowel Power to Read, Rising Grade 2 (39 Student Videos)

  • Kids strengthen their vowel power as word detectives, helping to solve the mystery of the silent e. Their vowel power is strengthened by recognizing that some words have long vowel sounds, represented with the CVCe pattern. They move on to learn more about long vowels and that some words have long vowel sounds represented by a vowel team. They will develop a sense of flexibility when solving words with vowel teams. In addition, when they are deconstructing words, they will decode by sliding across words (all the way across them, from tip to tail), noticing the word endings including inflectional endings. 

Writing Teeny Adventures, Rising Grade 2 (23 Student Videos)

  • Writing Teeny Adventures is designed to communicate to kids that their stories, their lives, and their words matter, and that school is a place to bring all of themselves to the page. Writing workshops can be a place to connect with others, to feel seen and heard and honored, and the curriculum aims to do all this. This is also a time to teach kids the habits that underlie all successful early writing. Kids are given strategies to generate their own ideas for Teeny Adventure stories. They are asked to think about the people they love, places they go, and all the things that make them special to get ideas for stories. Then, kids are coached to independently plan their stories and to write a few each week.

Building Blocks: High Frequency Words & Phonological Awareness, Rising Grade 2
5 PA units with 10 videos each (includes 2 units with review of rising  grade 1 and 3 units with new content), 45 HFW videos

  • Daily warm-up activities for rising second graders include manipulation of phonemes, of single consonants, blends, digraphs, short vowels, and long vowels. Not only do students receive explicit practice in auditory manipulation, they will also link this to phonics through dictation and making words. As well, students will review many foundational phonics skills such as blends, digraphs, CVCe, common vowel teams such as ee, ea, and other vowel teams such as ai, ay, oa, oi, oy, oo. They will get extra practice with patterns and rhymes such as -ill, -ock, -oon, -own, -ot, -ook, -at, -ick, -ake, -ack, -ight, -ice and also the R-controlled vowels.

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