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Guided Practice: Learning to Write about Nonfiction Topics You Already Know Well, Grades 3 and Up

In this sequence of videos, staff developers from Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project coach individual writers to generate ideas for a nonfiction book, and to work through the process of writing that book. Writing well requires a knowledge of the topic, so students are guided to write about topics of personal expertise (i.e. basketball). However, if they have studied a topic deeply (i.e. The American Revolution) this coaching can help them write well about those topics, too.

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Do your students—or does your child—need more support learning the all-important skill of writing well-structured, lively nonfiction? In this module, students will learn to structure their writing logically, to write introductions that hook readers, to use vivid language, as well as other techniques that will captivate readers. Instruction is designed to be one-to-one, delivered to each child or to a small group of children, but can also be adapted to support whole-class work.

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