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Units of Study in Writing Virtual Teaching Resources, Grade 2, 2020-21 Subscription

Lucy Calkins and her Teachers College Reading and Writing Project colleagues have developed subscription-based Virtual Teaching Resources to help Grade 2 teachers adapt workshop instruction for blended or virtual teaching environments. These new virtual resources are designed to supplement the print Units of Study (they are not stand-alone resources) and include student-facing minilesson videos recorded by TCRWP staff developers, along with additional videos to support teachers and families. PLEASE READ IMPORTANT DETAILS UNDER THE ORDERING GUIDANCE HEADING BELOW BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER.

Virtual Teaching Resources

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About the Units of Study Virtual Teaching Resources

To support Units of Study teachers with blended or virtual teaching, Lucy Calkins and her Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP) colleagues have developed resources to be used with the print Units of Study in reading, writing, and phonics. The UOS Virtual Teaching Resources allow teachers’ time to be reserved for the more intensive parts of reading and writing workshops—assessment, conferring, small groups, feedback. Parent and caregiver videos provide additional support to kids when they aren’t with their teacher. 

About the Gr. 2 Writing Units of Study Virtual Teaching Resources

Small Moments is a unit that typically kicks off the first-grade year. It is an iconic unit that teaches kids how to craft a beautiful narrative through balancing detail and dialogue as they zoom into small, focused moments of their lives. This unit was filmed and adapted for second grade writers. This unit is available separately from the core set of units. From Scenes to Series is another first grade unit that we find essential in developing second grade writers. This unit guides writers to create realistic fiction pieces that mirror the stories they are reading. In From Scenes to Series we have substituted in one of our favorite series: Yasmin by Saadia Faruqi. This unit uses Meet Yasmin: Yasmin the Explorer and Yasmin the Superhero. The How-To Guide for Nonfiction Writing is a stand-alone unit is available separately from the core set of units. This unit welcomes second graders into the world of nonfiction writing by rallying them to write lots of little nonfiction books. Youngsters learn that they can take anything they know a lot about—soccer, an ice cream shop, ladybugs—and write in ways that teach their readers about the topic. The unit helps second graders feel that puffed-up pride of being an expert and taps into their eagerness to show and tell. Nonfiction Writing Projects is a newly developed unit that invites students to write about topics of personal expertise and interest—things they already know a lot about and choose to write using a wide variety of nonfiction structures. You can expect your students to bubble over with excitement as they set off to create nonfiction comics, articles, how-to books, and more. You will have access to a digital copy of this unit.

Units Included in the Gr. 2 Writing  Virtual Teaching Resources

The Units of Study in Writing Virtual Teaching Resources, Grade 2 subscription includes virtual teaching resources for the following units:

  • Small Moments: Writing with Focus, Detail, and Dialogue (unit book available separately, also in GRADE 1, BOOK 1)
  • Scenes to Series (included in UOS Virtual Teaching Resources, GRADE 1, BOOK 4)
  • How-To Guide for Nonfiction Writing (unit book available separately)
  • Writing About Reading (BOOK 3)
  • Nonfiction Writing Projects (new unit in UOS Virtual Teaching Resources)

Created Based on TCRWP’s 2020-21 Suggested Scope and Sequence

Each year the TCRWP publishes a recommended sequence of units for the year ahead. This year the TCRWP 2020-21 Suggested Scope and Sequence reflects an awareness of the interrupted schooling that we all experienced in Spring 2020. The Virtual Teaching Resources have been developed to support TCRWP’s 2020–21 Suggested Scope and Sequence. This sequence is designed to meet teachers and students where they are and help them to quickly gain momentum in supported ways as they navigate virtual and blended environments.

The 2020–21 Suggested Sequence sometimes calls for teachers to start the year with the last unit from the previous grade and sometimes includes new units which we also call Curricular Calendar units. Access to digital versions of both those types of units will be provided with the grade-level subscriptions. In addition, the 2020–21 sequence also calls for some of the units that are available for purchase outside the core Units of Study curriculum. For details on those recommended units, please see the details provided on the Order Form under the “Additional Required Resources (Print Books)” heading.

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