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One-Day Workshop:
DIY Literacy: Teaching for Independence / A Virtual Workshop

Presented by Maggie Beattie Roberts and Kate Roberts

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As we teach, our students typically perform the work we set out for them, but we might not be quite sure how students carry that work forward from day-to-day, unit-to-unit, year-to-year. Students can forget past lessons, struggle to bring their best work to a task, or become camouflaged amidst the many needs in a classroom. We want our students to have more independence, but we aren't always sure how to help them achieve it.

This interactive virtual workshop will take a tour of various teaching tools that can increase independence in your classroom. Rooted in research, these practical, sustainable tools will help you assist your students to remember past learning and work with more motivation and effort, and differentiate your instruction in more sustainable ways. Maggie and Kate will show you how to identify the issues your students may have with the curriculum and will guide you in creating your own teaching tools to use with your students.

You'll leave this virtual workshop with the tools to support your current units, as well as a new understanding of the different ways our materials can assure students live up to their abilities and beyond.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Identify the root issues students may have with their learning
  • Learn to make a variety of teaching tools that are responsive and personalized
  • Discover new strategies for the skills students need
  • Reflect on methods of teaching and practice ways of interacting with students
  • Role-play teaching small groups with a variety of teaching tools

About the Presenters

Kate Roberts is an expert in elementary and secondary reading and writing practices, unit planning, and student-centered instruction. She is an active literacy consultant, top-selling author, and keynote speaker. She taught reading and writing in Brooklyn, NY and worked as a literacy coach before joining the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, where she worked as a Lead Staff Developer for eleven years. Kate is author of A Novel Approach: Whole-Class Novels, Student-Centered Teaching, and Choice. She is coauthor (with Maggie Beattie Roberts) of DIY Literacy: Teaching Tools for Differentiation, Rigor, and Independence; and of Falling in Love with Close Reading with Chris Lehman.

Maggie Beattie Roberts is a national literacy consultant, popular speaker, and staff developer. Maggie began her teaching career in the heart of Chicago and then pursued graduate studies as a Literacy Specialist at Teachers College, Columbia University. She worked as a lead staff developer for the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project for nearly ten years. Maggie is known for classroom demonstrations, practical and authentic teaching methods, and helping teachers tap into the power of their own engagement in reading and writing. She is coauthor of DIY Literacy with Kate Roberts, and authored several Heinemann Units of Study books on the teaching of writing.

Who Should Attend?

Classroom teachers of grades K-8, literacy specialists, coaches, administrators and consultants.


Each workshop will run from 8:30am-3:30pm; please make note of the time zone! Log in at least 15 minutes early to give yourself time to get set up.


The cost of this workshop is $209.00 per person.

Your Privacy

Heinemann Workshops will record this virtual event, including breakout sessions where your camera and microphone may be turned on. This recording will only be shared with you and your fellow workshop attendees for 30 days. Your recorded image and audio will not be used in any other way.

Upcoming Dates & Locations

11/11/2020 - Pacific Time (PT) - Virtual Workshop, Online

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Virtual Workshop

Pacific Time (PT) - Virtual Workshop, Online

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