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One-Day Workshop:
Reading and Writing Strategies for the Online and In-Person Classroom / A Virtual Workshop

Presented by Jennifer Serravallo

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Drawing from Jen's bestselling resources The Reading Strategies Book and The Writing Strategies Book, this virtual workshop will help you understand how to find goals for your readers and writers and how to support them over time as they work toward those goals.

The first half of this virtual workshop will focus on writing. You'll explore a hierarchy of ten possible writing goals, considering writing genres and modes, writing process, behaviors, skills, and qualities of good writing. You'll look at student writing to practice making decisions based on the hierarchy of writing goals, match strategies to goals, and explore strategies coming to life through video examples filmed in in-person classrooms and through Zoom during remote instruction in the spring of 2020. The morning is filled with activities and small group breakout room conversations with co-participants.

During the second half of the virtual workshop, you'll focus on reading: how to know what to expect of readers' print work, fluency, comprehension, writing about reading, and talk. You will practice assessing student work to determine goals based on a 13-goal hierarchy, explore strategies, view and critique videos (from in-person instruction and online instruction), and participate in activities with co-participants.

The engaging videos and Jen's ability to break down complex concepts into actionable, doable steps will equip participants to be able to try out the ideas right away, whether you're teaching in person, online, or in a hybrid model.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Learn to study student work to determine goals using hierarchies in reading and writing
  • Craft strategies and feedback prompts and learn to match them to student reading and writing goals
  • Learn practical ways to differentiate instruction through conferences and small groups, in both in-person classrooms and with online instruction
  • Explore essential and practical organization, management, and note-taking options whether working with students in-person or virtually

About the Presenter

Jennifer Serravallo is a literacy consultant, author, and speaker who supports teachers in making responsive instruction doable. She is the author of several popular titles including The New York Times' bestselling The Reading Strategies Book and The Writing Strategies Book. Her latest books include Understanding Texts & Readers and The Teacher's Guide to Reading Conferences. She also released Complete Comprehension for Fiction and Nonfiction, where she revised and reimagined whole book assessments for teaching resources. She is an experienced online educator who has been leading webinars and online workshops for more than a decade, and is the author of two online courses available through Heinemann. She was a Senior Staff Developer at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project and taught in NYC public schools. Follow Jen on Twitter @jserravallo or on Instagram @jenniferserravallo.

Who Should Attend?

Classroom teachers of grades K-8; administrators, curriculum coordinators, reading specialists, writing teachers, literacy specialists, coaches, and staff developers.


Each workshop will run from 8:30am-3:30pm; please make note of the time zone! Log in at least 15 minutes early to give yourself time to get set up.


The cost of this workshop is $209.00 per person.

Your Privacy

Heinemann Workshops will record this virtual event, including breakout sessions where your camera and microphone may be turned on. This recording will only be shared with you and your fellow workshop attendees for 30 days. Your recorded image and audio will not be used in any other way.

Upcoming Dates & Locations

10/22/2020 - Pacific Time (PT) - Virtual Workshop, Online
11/10/2020 - Eastern Time (ET) - Virtual Workshop, Online

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