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Every Student Deserves #TheRightTools: Equitable Practices that Meet All Students Needs / A Virtual Half-Day Workshop

Presented by Towanda Harris

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Date and Time

One, half-day workshop from 11:30am to 2:30pm Eastern Time (ET).

  • Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Please note that this virtual half-day workshop is scheduled for Eastern Time (ET). If you are in a different time zone, please plan your schedule accordingly.


During this virtual workshop, you'll discover how to evaluate your existing resources based on your own students' social, emotional, and academic needs. We'll explore ways to make changes to everyday resources, in order to make sure your students feel seen and heard. With ready-to-use tools, we will lay out a path that helps educators make informed decisions about what resources and practices students need to reach their full potential. By learning how to use formal and informal assessments to drive instruction, teachers will see the value of allowing the learner and not the resource to determine next steps.

First, we'll establish a rationale for determining and evaluating quality resources and practices for your learners' varied concerns. As these social, emotional, and academic needs have a profound effect on your instructional decisions, it is essential to continuously monitor your students' progress throughout the year with the resources that we put before them. So often we misalign activities and strategies for learners' needs and miss out on intentional practice opportunities that could improve students' individual performances. You'll also explore different ways to collaborate with your colleagues to gain insights about their own students and identify how their insight could yield the greatest impact on all students, while building relationships with students and planning for future instruction.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how to evaluate classroom resources based on your own students' unique social, emotional, and academic strengths and needs
  • Examine ways to use class resources to increase student engagement and assure your students feel seen and heard
  • Learn how to use assessments to determine if a resource would benefit your students and your teaching practice
  • Explore how collaboration with colleagues may help you to make instructional decisions that would yield the greatest impact on all students' learning

About the Presenter

Dr. Towanda Harris has been a teacher, staff developer, literacy content specialist, and an instructional coach. She brings almost twenty years of experience to the education world and her engaging workshops provide teachers with useful tools that allow them to reflect on their current practice. Educators rely on her wisdom about how to find resources to assure their teaching goals match their understanding of their students' needs, and how to employ those resources, blending them with best practices to help all students reach their full potential. Her recent book, The Right Tools: A Guide to Selecting, Evaluating, and Implementing Classroom Resources and Practices, informs this workshop.

Her workshops include sessions at the Wisconsin State Reading Association Conference, National Reading Recovery Conference, Indiana State Reading Conference, and the GDOE Impacting Student Learning Conference. In addition to writing and consulting, Towanda serves as an Instructional Leadership Coordinator and an adjunct professor in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who Should Participate

Classroom teachers of grades K-5, literacy coaches/specialists, curriculum coordinators, administrators, educators, and support staff.

Special 2021 Tuition Fee

The cost of this virtual half-day workshop is $60.00 per person. Tuition also includes access to the recorded workshop for 60 days.

Related Book

To support your learning in this workshop, we highly recommend The Right Tools: A Guide to Selecting, Evaluating, and Implementing Classroom Resources and Practices.


Registrants will receive multiple emails from Heinemann, including enrollment confirmation, which also serves as your tuition receipt and contains some basic instructions. If you have not received your confirmation email within 48 hours of your registration, please contact us at or 800-541-2086, ext. 1151. Approximately two days prior to the event date you will receive an email with the PD event's Zoom link and log-in instructions.

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Note: We encourage group participation; however, we require that each person be registered and provide a unique email address.

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03/16/2021 - Eastern Time, ET

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