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One-Day Workshop:
Unlocking the Power of Classroom Talk – In Person and Online / A Virtual Workshop

Presented by Shana Frazin and Katy Wischow

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Picture the kinds of discussions in which you'd like your kids to engage. Imagine them leaning in, listening, participating thoughtfully, building on each others' ideas, and coming to new insights, whether it's a talk about a book or a science experiment or a math problem. Compare this vision with discussions that have fallen flat and left you wondering if it's worth carving out precious classroom time for talk.

This day is about making your classroom conversations soar, not sink. You'll start off thinking about the idea of a "cycle" for talk, like the writing process, that can illuminate places where talk can be stronger. We'll go over the idea that our talk will look different depending on the purpose for the talk and where you are in the talk cycle. Shana and Katy will explore several purposes for talk, and teach you fun, concrete strategies that will help you strengthen both your teaching and your students' talk.

Together, we'll try out strategies and tools to make talk dynamic and meaningful in a virtual learning environment, and we'll consider how online talk can both open up talk opportunities and pose challenges. The day will be active and hands on, and the strategies you learn will work this year and beyond, and especially in this uncertain time; you'll learn how to support your students in having conversations that result in growth and change.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Engage in the talk cycle to develop an understanding how each part of the cycle works
  • Participate in talking for different purposes to learn concrete ways of bringing each purpose to life
  • Think deeply about how to support students in developing their listening practices
  • Work out practical, classroom-tested solutions for tackling talk trouble
  • Plan and try out concrete ways to assess student talk (and to help them self-assess!)

About the Presenters

Both Shana Frazin and Katy Wischow work with the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, supporting schools and educators around the world with literacy instruction. Shana is the Co-Director of TCRWP Classroom Libraries and a senior staff developer. Katy is a senior staff developer who co-leads the Project's secondary work. Both Shana and Katy work primarily with students and teachers in grades 3-8. They are the authors of Unlocking the Power of Classroom Talk: Teaching Kids to Talk with Clarity and Purpose, which informs this workshop.

Who Should Attend?

Classroom teachers of grades 3-9, administrators, curriculum coordinators, and staff developers.


Each workshop will run from 8:30am-3:30pm; please make note of the time zone! Log in at least 15 minutes early to give yourself time to get set up.


The cost of this workshop is $209.00 per person.

Your Privacy

Heinemann Workshops will record this virtual event, including breakout sessions where your camera and microphone may be turned on. This recording will only be shared with you and your fellow workshop attendees for 30 days. Your recorded image and audio will not be used in any other way.

Upcoming Dates & Locations

10/21/2020 - Eastern Time (ET) - Virtual Workshop, Online
11/04/2020 - Pacific Time (PT) - Virtual Workshop, Online

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