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Math in Practice: Tools for Building Confident and Capable Mathematicians / A Virtual Full-Day Workshop

Presented by Susan O'Connell

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Date and Time

One, full-day workshop from 9:30am to 4:30pm Eastern Time (ET).

  • Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Please note that this virtual full-day workshop is scheduled for Eastern Time (ET). If you are in a different time zone, please plan your schedule accordingly.


Are you looking for new strategies and approaches to help your students better understand math? Do you wish you could help your students enjoy math and gain confidence in their abilities? In this workshop, Sue O'Connell illustrates practical strategies that make math come alive for students. Her questioning techniques, interactive tasks, helpful suggestions, and array of resources illustrate doable ways to build math understanding and have fun doing it!

Join Sue to explore activities that work for all levels of learners, particularly those who experience frustration or anxiety when faced with math tasks. Gather ideas for strengthening your students' problem-solving skills, building their vocabularies, and enhancing their abilities to justify their thinking. Examine daily routines that develop students' number sense, and discover amazing children's literature that provides the perfect jump start to math explorations.

Break through the monotony of memorization and rules, and discover the fun of exploring and debating math ideas. Leave with a wealth of ready-to-use classroom tasks and strategies that will energize your classroom and help you meet the challenges of today's math standards.

This workshop is for all teachers of math—those who are math experts and those who may feel as though they are learning math along with their students. Whichever category you associate with, you will be glad you spent the day with Sue!

Learning Objectives

  • Discover ways to simplify math problem-solving for students
  • Reflect on fun math investigations that lead to important math discoveries
  • Discover exciting children's literature to set a context for math explorations
  • Learn simple math routines that work at all grade levels to revisit and reflect on important math concepts
  • Identify key teacher questions that promote math understanding
  • Explore the words of math and identify strategies to help students talk more precisely about their thinking

About the Presenter

When it comes to the world of education, Sue O'Connell has done just about everything. She's been a classroom teacher, a math coach, a school improvement specialist, and a university professional development schools coordinator. These days, Sue is a popular and well-known author and consultant who presents informative and practical workshops all around the United States. She is the lead author of Heinemann's Math in Practice series and the new Math by the Book series. She is also the author of a variety of books, including Putting the Practices into Action; Mastering the Basic Math Facts in Addition and Subtraction; Mastering the Basic Math Facts in Multiplication and Division; and Introduction to Problem Solving. Sue is the director of Quality Teacher Development, providing on-site professional learning for teachers in schools and school districts across the country.

Who Should Participate

Classroom teachers of grades K-5, math coaches and interventionists, special educators, curriculum coordinators, and school/district administrators.

Special 2021 Tuition Fee

The cost of this virtual full-day workshop is $125.00 per person. Tuition also includes access to the recorded workshop for 60 days.


Registrants will receive multiple emails from Heinemann, including enrollment confirmation, which also serves as your tuition receipt and contains some basic instructions. If you have not received your confirmation email within 48 hours of your registration, please contact us at or 800-541-2086, ext. 1151. Approximately two days prior to the event date you will receive an email with the PD event's Zoom link and log-in instructions.

We highly recommend you test your computer readiness by clicking on this link.

If your computer needs any software upgrades, Zoom will walk you through the updates.

Note: We encourage group participation; however, we require that each person be registered and provide a unique email address.

Registration Form

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Upcoming Dates & Locations

06/01/2021 - Eastern Time, ET

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