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Small Group Instruction: Teaching with Intention and Power / A Virtual Full-Day Workshop

Presented by Jennifer Serravallo, Leah Steiner and Emily Strang-Campbell

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Date and Time Options:

One full-day workshop from 9:30am to 4:30pm Eastern Time (ET).

  • Thursday, July 28, 2022

Please note that this virtual full-day workshop is scheduled for Eastern Time (ET). If you are in a different time zone, please plan your schedule accordingly.


Drawing from Jennifer Serravallo's most recent publications about reading and writing teaching methods—A Teacher's Guide to Reading Conferences and Teaching Writing in Small Groups—and referencing them throughout the day, this workshop will show you how just a few minutes of purposeful, responsive teaching can have a big impact on your students. This workshop will emphasize essential practices for optimizing both conferring and small groups in reading and writing. These instructional frameworks will help you value each child's language and literacy practices, develop relationships with your students, teach with efficiency, improve independence, and more. Between engaging videos and Jen's ability to break down complex concepts into actionable, doable steps, you will be ready to try out her ideas right away. Jen will be joined by two of her colleagues to provide grade-level-focused breakouts to further differentiate participants' experiences.

Learning Objectives

  • Working with small groups, and principles of effective small group instruction
  • Using goals and skill progressions to understand what students need as readers and writers, and to group students efficiently
  • One-on-one conferring in reading and writing
  • Utilizing varying levels of scaffolding in small groups (i.e. shared writing, inquiry groups)
  • Goal-setting and reflection groups in reading and writing
  • Partnerships and clubs in reading and writing

About the Presenters

Jennifer Serravallo is the author of The New York Times' bestselling The Reading Strategies Book, as well many other popular Heinemann professional books and resources such as The Writing Strategies Book; Understanding Texts & Readers; and A Teacher's Guide to Reading Conferences. Her strategies books have also been translated into French, Chinese, and Spanish. Her newest book is Teaching Writing in Small Groups. Jen is an experienced online educator who has been leading webinars and full-day online workshops for more than a decade. She also created two on-demand online courses called Strategies in Action and Teaching Reading in Small Groups.

Jen began her career in education as a NYC public school teacher and later joined the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University. She holds a BA from Vassar College and an MA from Teachers College, where she has also taught graduate and undergraduate classes.

Learn more about Jen and her work at, on Twitter @jserravallo, on Instagram @jenniferserravallo, and by joining The Reading and Writing Strategies Facebook Community.

Leah Steiner is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College (BA) and the City University of New York, Hunter College (M.Ed). After years in the elementary classroom, Leah transitioned to administration and became a Director of Middle School, where she discovered a passion for coaching teachers as they built student-centered approaches to literacy instruction. While an administrator, Leah had the opportunity to travel to China to observe a wide variety of school structures and further develop her understanding of effective curriculum.

For the last few years, Leah taught general education and inclusion classes of kindergarten and second graders in a public elementary school where she worked closely with Jennifer Serravallo, implementing strategy-based reading and writing instruction.

Emily Strang-Campbell began her teaching career as a middle school teacher in New York City, after earning her master's degree from New York University, with a dual certification in Educational Theatre and English in the secondary classroom. As a middle school teacher, Emily regularly participated in and led professional development around literacy teaching methods. Her middle school classroom became a host for instructional lab sites for teachers and educational leaders from around the country.

Her professional development work led her to the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, where she worked as a staff developer for ten years, supporting grades 3-8 classrooms, both locally and nationally. She has presented at institutes across the country, but her true passion lies in the classroom setting, coaching both teachers and students around powerful literacy work.

Who Should Participate

Classroom teachers of grades K-8, literacy coaches, reading and language arts specialists, curriculum coordinators, and administrators.

Tuition Fee (July 1 - December 31, 2022 Events)

The cost of this virtual full-day workshop is $159.00 per person. Tuition also includes access to the recorded workshop for 7 days, which begins on the date you receive the link. Please note, access cannot be extended past 7 days.

Related Books

To fully participate in this event, we strongly encourage you to have a copy of these books: Teaching Writing in Small Groups; A Teacher's Guide to Reading Conferences; The Reading Strategies Book; and The Writing Strategies Book.


Registrants will receive multiple emails from Heinemann, including enrollment confirmation, which also serves as your tuition receipt and contains some basic instructions. If you have not received your confirmation email within 48 hours of your registration, please contact us at or 800-541-2086, ext. 1151. Approximately two days prior to the event date you will receive an email with the PD event's Zoom link and log-in instructions.

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Note: We encourage group participation; however, we require that each person be registered and provide a unique email address.

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Upcoming Dates & Locations

07/28/2022 - 9:30am-4:30pm ET, Online

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