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Coordinator's Checklist

  • Determine your PD event format, consulting or speaking needs, and tentative time frame for work or presentation.
  • Compile cost and budget information.
  • Research consulting author possibilities.
  • Use Consulting Author Inquiry Form or call 800.541.2086, ext. 1402 to connect with a Heinemann PD Services representative.
  • Confirm consulting author selections and generate/process contracts as needed.
  • Develop program and contact consulting author for biographic materials, titles and descriptions of presentation(s), and A/V needs.
  • Contact A/V contractor with list of presenter needs and confirm with your consulting author(s).
  • Order books, if applicable.
  • Generate event details letter for consulting author and include hotel and site information, ground transportation options, contact numbers and email addresses, and schedule.
  • Work directly with the author to determine content.
  • Make local/ground transportation arrangements if applicable.
  • Send out program draft to participants.
  • Confirm travel plans for your consulting author(s).
  • Arrange to greet your consulting author and distribute their conference material.
  • Arrange A/V meeting with author(s) for set-up and sound check shortly before presentation.