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Seminar ImageEssentials of the Writing Workshop

Based on the PD resource, Writing Workshop: The Essential Guide
Recommended Grade Level: Grades 3rd - 8th

An effective writing workshop is carefully structured to support writers through the writing process, while enabling teachers to observe and assess common and individual needs in order to make instructional decisions about teaching writing.

Essentials of the Writing Workshop explores the principles of a quality writing workshop—time, mini-lessons, choice, structure, conference, and response—and offers smart advice and strategies for assessing student writing, linking writing and literature, responding to students' drafts, and more.

Fletcher and Portalupi's Essentials of the Writing Workshop takes teachers through the entire workshop, sharpening the teaching skills they need to run it well, and honing their sensitivity to students' needs.

Course Goals:

  • Explore the essential components of an effective writing workshop
  • Learn how to structure a classroom environment that supports writers through the process from start to finish
  • Develop effective strategies for conferring with student writers
  • Learn how to design mini lessons tailored to the specific needs of your student writers.

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