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Flexible Strategies for Small Group Reading Instruction

Developed by Michael P Ford and Michael F Opitz

Recommended Grade Level: Grades K - 8th

Through Michael Opitz and Michael Ford's School-Based Seminar, Flexible Strategies for Small Group Reading Instruction, your teachers will explore and expand their ideas about flexible grouping strategies.

Considering roles and goals, assessment and grouping, and various ways to match texts to readers, participants will be able to meet the needs of all students and successfully manage small-group instruction. In addition, they will discuss how these practices can be incorporated across the curriculum.

Course Goals:

  • Develop a common language for reading instruction, including modeled, shared, and guided reading procedures
  • Discuss the importance of literacy instruction across the curriculum
  • Work with peers to investigate the flexibility of the guided reading process
  • Learn how to manage your classroom to ensure all children are engaged in meaningful learning.

*Consider pairing Do-Able Differentiation with the Flexible Strategies course to explore small-group instruction in even greater depth.

For seminar pricing information, please call 800.541.2086, ext. 1402.