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Seminar ImageWriting Workshop with our Youngest Authors

Developed by Lisa B Cleaveland and Katie Wood Ray
Based on their PD resource, About the Authors: Writing Workshop with Our Youngest Writers
Recommended Grade Level: Grades K-2

This seminar shows how primary students can learn from professional writers, work with intention, and think about their own process in a writing workshop that is designed to support learning and respond sensitively to the developmental needs of children in the early grades.

Teachers will discuss the characteristics of a developmentally appropriate writing workshop, and learn the procedures for implementing a workshop and managing it throughout the year, including strategies for planning and organizing minilessons into powerful units of study. Teachers will learn the kinds of support young children need to begin thinking like experienced writers, and techniques for conferences and assessment that support and extend children's writing.

Course Goals:

  • Understand the characteristics of a developmentally appropriate writing workshop for young children
  • Learn how to start and manage a workshop on a daily basis throughout the year
  • Understand how very young children can begin learning many of the important habits of mind used by much more experienced writers, and how teachers can support them as they develop these habits of mind
  • Learn to plan and organize mini lessons into units of study that fill the workshop with rich possibilities for young writers and their work
  • Learn to use both writing conferences and assessment to support and extend very young children's writing.

For seminar pricing information, please call 800.541.2086, ext. 1402.

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