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Seminar ImageA Crash Course in Reading and Writing Strategies

Developed by Jennifer Serravallo

Recommended Grade Level: Grades K-8

Drawing from Jen's bestselling resources The Writing Strategies Book and The Reading Strategies Book, this five-hour seminar will help participants understand how to find goals for their readers and writers and how to support them over time as they work toward those goals.

In the morning, participants will dive into reading: how to know what to expect of readers' print work, fluency, comprehension, writing about reading, and talk. Participants will practice determining goals based on a thirteen-goal hierarchy and matching strategies to individual goals by studying student work. As they explore each goal, they will see and have opportunities to discuss video examples of students working on those goals, with Jen teaching strategies and providing feedback and support.

In the afternoon: writing. Participants will explore a ten-goal hierarchy of possible writing goals by considering writing genres and modes, writing process, behaviors, skills, and qualities of good writing. Again, they'll look at student writing to practice making decisions based on the hierarchy of writing goals, match strategies to those goals, and explore the goals through video examples, activities, and conversations with coparticipants.

Course goals:

  • To understand how to use formative assessment information to find appropriate goals for each child in reading and writing
  • To craft explicit, clear strategies and provide feedback as students practice
  • To explore ways that strategies can come to life in the classroom through video examples of conferences and small group instruction

This seminar is also presented in Spanish. If your preference is Spanish PD delivery, please request one of Jen Serravallo’s Spanish-speaking colleagues to serve as your professional learning consultant.

For more information and a complimentary consultation, email to speak with Jennifer Serravallo's professional learning specialist.

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