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Seminar ImageContent-Area Writing

Based on the PD resource, Content-Area Writing: Every Teacher's Guide
Recommended Grade Level: Grades 6-12

The Content-Area Writing School-Based Seminar guides teachers strategically through the two major types of writing that every student must know—Writing to Learn and Public Writing.

Participants explore and practice various lessons for encouraging growth in both types of writing with subject-specific ideas for planning, organizing, and teaching. In addition, they study samples of student work and guidelines for evaluation and assessment. They also discuss different ways to use the lessons from Content-Area Writing and strategies in the writing process, how they can be used in writing workshops across the curriculum, and how they prepare students for testing and other on-demand writing situations.

Course Goals:

  • Learn that writing is thinking made visible, thus writing is an ideal way for every teacher to learn about students' thinking, understanding, and misconceptions with content
  • Understand that the teaching of literacy skills necessary for the discipline are each teacher's responsibility
  • Develop a variety of strategies to incorporate meaningful writing experiences in every discipline
  • Engage in writing experiences and discussions that mirror strategies to use with students
  • Plan for the incorporation of writing experiences in their own disciplines, with time to dialogue with colleagues.

For seminar pricing information, please call 800.541.2086, ext. 1402.