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Seminar ImageFPC Reading Mini Lessons

Based on the PD resource, The Reading Minilessons Book, Grade 2: Your Every Day Guide for Literacy Teaching
Recommended Grade Level: Grades K - 6th

Developed by Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell

Reading minilessons are short, concise, purposeful lessons with a practical application in a specific area of literacy. Each minilesson engages children in inquiry that leads to the discovery of understanding of a general principle. Growing out of the shared and interactive read-aloud experience and linked to independent reading, teachers use many of the shared and interactive read-aloud texts as examples from which they generalize the understanding of the minilesson. Participants in this seminar will learn more about the values of this powerful instructional context. Participants will learn how to use The Reading Minilessons Book to engage children's thinking through high-quality texts.

Course Goals

Participants will:

  • Consider the values and characteristics of reading minilessons
  • Become familiar with The Reading Minilessons Book
  • Develop an understanding of reading as a complex process
  • Develop an understanding of the systems of strategic actions that support effective thinking within, beyond, and about texts
  • Understand the structure of umbrellas and minilessons
  • Explore the different types of minilessons: management, literary analysis, strategies and skills, and writing about reading
  • Understand how to assess and plan reading minilessons.

Resources Needed

  • The Reading Minilessons Book

For seminar pricing information, please call 800.541.2086, ext. 1402.