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Seminar ImagePower of Comprehension Strategy Instruction

Developed by Ellin Oliver Keene and Susan Zimmermann
Based on their PD resource, Mosaic of Thought, Second Edition: The Power of Comprehension Strategy Instruction
Recommended Grade Level: Grades K-12

This seminar will give teachers the opportunity to delve into some compelling text in order to reflect on their own skills as proficient readers. As teachers pay attention to their own metacognition, we will learn how to best equip our students with the comprehension strategies they need to understand complex materials. A strong reader's workshop depends on the teacher's skills in designing think-alouds, modeling a variety of comprehension strategies, demonstrating their own joy of reading throughout the content areas, and incorporating an effective gradual release of responsibility. This seminar will help you acquire the skills to feel confident in imparting the power of comprehension strategy instruction to your students.

Course Goals:

  • Explore what it means to understand what you read
  • Apply what you uncover about your own inner conversation as a reader to designing comprehension strategy instruction for your students
  • Design a think-aloud lesson
  • Learn how to imbed comprehension strategy instruction throughout the content areas
  • Examine the Gradual Release of Responsibility

NEW! The Mosiac of Thought Online Course is free if you extend The Power of Comprehension Strategy Instruction seminar over two consecutive days.

For seminar pricing information, please call 800.541.2086, ext. 1402.

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