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Residency Programs: The Keene Residency

The Keene Residency

Mosaic of ThoughtEllin Oliver Keene helped revolutionize how comprehension is taught across the U.S. Her bestselling book, Mosaic of Thought (coauthored with Susan Zimmermann) is now in its second edition, and gathers the current research on comprehension strategies to turn it into powerful teaching for any classroom.

Ellin Oliver KeeneEllin's next book, To Understand, takes this conversation beyond strategy instruction. It challenges educators to consider what it truly means to understand, and offers a vision of classroom instruction that takes students to new depths of engagement and comprehension. Her latest book and DVD, Talk About Understanding: Rethinking Classroom Talk to Enhance Comprehension, further demystifies comprehension instruction by describing what it can look like when readers comprehend deeply and what it can look like when teachers aim for this deep comprehension.

Through our on-site, customized Heinemann Residency Program, Ellin Oliver Keene will bring the totality of her research and experience to focus on the needs of your school or district. Ellin leads thoughtful, professional learning that guides teachers as they explore the theoretical knowledge and instructional strategies essential to literacy learning. She not only shares her expertise, but demonstrates, observes, provides feedback, and helps create a plan for continuing professional learning.

The Keene Residency:

  • helps schools assess and identify their strengths and their professional development needs
  • engages educators in carefully crafted on-site professional development
  • helps school sustain and extend the momentum for change following a residency.

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