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On-Demand Courses — Frequently Asked Questions

Did Heinemann launch a new online learning site for On-Demand Courses?

Yes, you may have received an email or heard from a colleague that we recently launched a new online learning site. Our new site has an updated user experience we are very excited to bring to you. Your course will look a bit different, but all of the high-quality Heinemann Online PD content will remain. To login to our new site, please go to

Can I get free access to view an On-Demand Course to see if I will like it?

Yes, there is an overview video and a sample clip on each course description page on our website, selectable here. Now that our new online learning site is launched, soon we will make a sample session of content accessible so you can experience the interactive nature of our On-Demand Courses. Stay tuned for information about our new free trial content coming later this year. If you have an immediate need to see more or have any other questions, please contact us at .

How will the new On-Demand Course platform effect my subscription and study?

If you are an active subscriber, the good news is that when you log in to the new enhanced site for the first time, your annual subscription will renew at no additional cost. All active subscriptions will be extended for a full 365 days from the day they activate their account in the new site—giving our active subscribers more time to complete, or revisit course material. New and renewed subscribers will be greeted with a more intuitive website experience, while still accessing the same high-quality Heinemann Online PD content. In addition to the self-study online courses we have always delivered, the new platform also delivers advanced features for new cohort study and reporting functions.

What can I expect when I take a Heinemann On-Demand Course?

Heinemann On-Demand Courses are online and self-paced. We offer full-length courses, mini-courses, and single-session courses. Most full-length courses are between six and eight sessions long and each session takes about an hour to complete.

Throughout an On-Demand Course, participants watch videos of the presenting author teaching in a classroom, they do short readings, and are invited to participate in different activities such as analyzing student work, reflecting on their own classroom practices, and studying teaching techniques. Within the online course there are places where participants are asked to stop and reflect in writing, and they can view responses from other people who have taken the course before them. Think of this like an archive of an online chat room full of fellow professional learners.

Videos and other assets that are contained within each course can be viewed at any time and the course can be repeated up to one year after purchase.

What is the tuition pricing for an On-Demand Course?

We have several course structures and pricing options for our On-Demand courses. Tuition for courses is dependent on course structure and quantity. For pricing options, please visit our On-Demand pricing page.

We can assist you in creating a blended professional learning experience facilitated by a Heinemann team member, consultant, or author (additional fees may apply). For more information, contact us by phone at 800.541.2086 x1100, or by email at .

Can I (or my teachers) get graduate credit? And what about CEUs?

Graduate credit is available for all of our full-length On-Demand Courses. Our university partners have established their own set of requirements, additional assignments, and fees for obtaining graduate credit. We strongly recommend that currently enrolled degree-seeking students at another institution should determine (in advance) if their program will accept credit from our university partners. Please refer to the additional info on the On-Demand Course credit page.

In addition, Heinemann On-Demand Course participants generally are eligible to receive 3 CEUs (the equivalent of 30 clock hours). If you plan to use the course for CEU credit, check with your local authority before enrolling.

Do I need any special technology or equipment to participate?

No. All On-Demand Courses can be accessed on any Internet enabled device, including iPads. We recommend that you use the most recent version of your preferred browser. A more detailed set of technology requirements is available during the participant registration process.

How long is my access to an On-Demand Course?

On-Demand Course access continues for 365 days from the date you activate your course.

Can I use a purchase order?

We accept purchase orders; however, the order must be faxed to 800-354-2004 or called in to 800-541-2086 ext. 1100.

After I purchase an On-Demand Course, what happens next?

You will receive emails including an order confirmation, followed by a product activation email. This second email will walk you through creating your On-Demand Course account. If you do not receive the emails, please check your SPAM/junk folder. For additional help with order confirmations, contact us by phone at 800.541.2086 x1100, or by email at .

What are the Terms of Use for Heinemann's On-Demand Courses?

For legal-related information, please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy documents.