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Technical Assistance & Requirements

Minimum Technical Requirements:

We use Zoom as our platform for our webinars.

Hardware Minimum requirements
At least 1G RAM with high speed Internet connection and 1 GH processer, Intel or AMD
*We do not recommend a wireless connection if you have low bandwidth.

Operating System requirements
Windows 2000 or later; Netbooks with at least Windows XP; MacOS 10.7 or later

Browser Minimum requirements
Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9 (8 is preferable),Firefox 3.x4.x5.x
Chrome 11, 12, 13; Apple Java 5 or later, JavaScript and cookies enabled
Active X enabled or unblocked

You may participate from any computer and most mobile devices (including tablets such as Chromebooks) that have internet access; however, you will need certain software to view and participate in the webinar. Click here to test and see if your computer is ready for a Zoom session and to download the latest application:

You will be prompted to download any missing or outdated software at no charge.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT VIEWING THE WEBINAR FROM A SCHOOL LOCATION: If you plan on taking the webinar at your school location, we recommend you check with your system administrator in advance of your first session to ensure your computer is properly setup to view a Zoom session. In many cases individual users do not have permission to download software so your system administrator may need to do it for you.

Audio Requirements:
The audio portion of this webinar is run through the computer rather than through a phone line. You will need to be sure your computer has either external speakers or a headset. You will not need a microphone or a webcam.