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Heinemann Success Stories

Because you can never know enough. Because you can never know enough.
Pat Stevens, A E Phillis Laboratory, Ruston, LA

Pat tells us why she can trust resources with the Heinemann logo. more »

The power of choice. The power of choice.
Liz Norton, Great Salt Bay School, Damariscotta, ME

Liz tells us why she chooses Heinemann to unleash the power of choice in her readers. more »

Learning with them. Learning with them.
Geri Pinkham, Great Salt Bay School, Damariscotta, ME

Geri tells why learning with Heinemann’s resources translates to students learning more. more »

Dynamic duo. Dynamic duo.
Sheri Billmayer and Marie Verhaar, Valhalla Elementary, Auburn, WA

At the bottom line, the relationship between a coach and her principal is paramount. more »

Teaming up in Texas. Teaming up in Texas.
Ann Sledge and Bill Buck, Shearn Elementary, Bellaire, TX

How Ann and Bill and their team of teachers are finding success with ESL students. more »

Change happens. Change happens.
Nancy Allison, Spring Branch School District, Houston, TX

Kids have changed and so has Nancy. Her bottom line? You gotta like the kids. more »

Big challenges. Big challenges.
Margaret Hale, Pasadena Schools (formerly with Spring Branch Elementary), Pasedena, TX

She finds resources for teachers who have little time. more »

She's still learning. She's still learning.
Karen Nash, Churchill Elementary, Glen Ellyn, IL

After 30 years of teaching, she still has something to learn. more »

An E-L-L Challenge An E-L-L Challenge
Judy Heller, Churchill Elementary, Glen Ellyn, IL

Finding “the latest and greatest” to help prepare teachers for a very diverse student body. more »

Getting great support. Getting great support.
Jennifer Phillips, Blue Springs School District, Blue Springs, MO

Jennifer tells us why it is not enough to train teachers. They need ongoing support. more »

Amazing readers. Amazing readers.
Gilmer Coronado, Shearn Elementary, Bellaire, TX

3rd year teacher Gilmer Coronado tells us how guided reading is getting results. more »

What’s so cool about 5th Grade? What’s so cool about 5th Grade?
Carmen Trueblood, James Lewis Elementary, Blue Springs, MO

With Heinemann’s help, she’s turning her kids into great writers and conversationalists. more »

Supporting all learners. Supporting all learners.
Amy Brewing, Valhalla Elementary, Auburn, WA

She’s not an all-knowing human being but a learner just like her kids. more »

A teacher’s heart. A teacher’s heart.
Deborah McClintock, Vincent Farm Elementary, White Marsh, MD

Deborah describes her experience with Heinemann’s authors and why she believes in what they teach. more »

Get Started early. Get Started early.
Kristy Jennings, A E Phillis Laboratory School, Ruston, LA

Learn how Kristy has used Heinemann’s professional books to build her classroom confidence and help her kids succeed. more »

Finding inspiration. Finding inspiration.
Lara Billings, James Lewis Elementary, Blue Springs, MO

All the teachers at James Lewis elementary are wild about Ellin Keene and Mosaic of Thought. Learn why. more »

Teachers must stay current. Teachers must stay current.
Libby Manning, A E Phillis Laboratory School, Ruston, LA

Learn why Libby Manning would not trust a doctor (or a teacher) who didn’t stay up on the latest knowledge. more »

The new “Old School” The new “Old School”
Cheryl Kaziny, Spring Branch Elementary, Houston, TX

After 34 years, Cheryl Kaziny explains why she continues learning on the job. more »