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Writing--elementary grades resources

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Climb Inside a Poem

Georgia Heard , Lester L. Laminack

Pub Date: 11/14/2007
Product Type: Bundle
Grade: K - 2nd

Children are natural poets. They speak poetry all day long. They say wonderful poetic gems that surprise and delight us and help us look at the world in a new way. In Climb Inside a Poem: Reading and Writing Poetry Across the Year, Georgia Heard and Lester Laminack tap into this natural inclination and demonstrate how reading and... more

50 Essential Lessons

Jim Burke

Pub Date: 11/20/2006
Product Type: Bundle
Grade: 9th - 12th

50 Essential Lessons is the result of the lessons Jim Burke learned while asking himself how to teach his students the skills they needed to succeed in school and in the larger world. Anchored in standards shared by a range of national literacy documents, these lessons focus on the core cognitive and personal skills—reading,... more

Right-Answer Writing

Ardith Cole

Pub Date: 9/5/2006 1
Product Type: 3 Handbooks + CD
Grade: 4th - 12th

We know that all writing follows some kind of structure. But when there’s a Right Answer involved, those structures tighten—especially in testing situations, where someone else constructs the prompts and the answers. This narrows writing and offers students less freedom. Fortunately, Right-Answer Writing provides writers... more

My Quick Writes

Donald Graves , Penny Kittle

Pub Date: 9/12/2005
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: 2nd - 6th

Part writer's notebook and part sourcebook, My Quick Writes includes more than sixty of Donald Graves' favorite and most effective prompts for practicing and reflecting on your own writing processes. Graves and Penny Kittle walk you through how to do Quick Writes and the role they play in their own writing and teaching. Then they... more

Writing to the Prompt

Janet Angelillo

Pub Date: 9/8/2005 1
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: 3rd - 8th

There's no avoiding standardized writing tests in grades 3–8. Yet while writing to prompts defies the ambitions of the writing workshop model, teachers overlook this increasingly important kind of writing at not only their own peril, but also that of their students. In the groundbreaking Writing to the Prompt, Janet Angelillo demonstrates... more