What Can I Work on As a Writer?

what can I work on as a reader

Jennifer Serravallo, author of The Writing Strategies Book, has released a "Self-Reflection Tool for Finding Goals." In the resource, Jen explains why she created the tool and advises on five ways to utilize it: 

"I created this self-reflection tool to be used with students as you work to find and establish goals for each of them. I wanted to help you involve students in the goal-setting process by offering them the opportunity to identify with statements that align to different goals from the “Hierarchy of Writing Goals” in The Writing Strategies Book (Serravallo 2017, 3).

What you’ll likely find in using this self-reflection tool is that some students are able to identify their strengths and needs with accuracy and ease, while others will need more guidance in reflecting on concrete work samples. Therefore, I encourage you to use this self-reflection alongside your own evaluation of formative assessments (on-demand writing samples, pieces of writing that have been through the writing process, transcripts of kids working in partnerships or writing clubs, kid-watching during independent writing time, etc.) and steer and guide each student to what they need most if their own self-reflection seems out of sync with other information."

You can download this free resource from Jen here and you can find a similar tool for The Reading Strategies Book here.

2 thoughts on “What Can I Work on As a Writer?

  1. Mariel Gomez de la Torre

    This is a great help. I love it! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful writing tool!


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