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Wrapping Up the Year: Tips for Teacher Leaders, Coaches, and Admin.


by Anna Gratz Cockerille 

The winding down of a school year brings both reflection on what has passed and hopes for what is to come. In schools across the country, administrators and staff developers are wrapping up the year by gathering teachers in planning meetings to take stock and look ahead. 

To be as effective as possible, planning meetings need to be carefully, er… planned. Here are a few steps administrators can take to make sure that end of year planning meetings go as well as possible. 

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TCRWP Twitter Chat: Reflect Over a Year of Teaching Units of Study in Reading


By Anna Gratz Cockerille

Teachers, you may have heard the following adage: if you are working too hard, your students aren’t working hard enough. Certainly, there are times where this is true: when a teacher does all of the talking in a reading conference, when a teacher spends hours making guides to inform students’ thinking about books, when a teacher puts on the whole show in a lesson.

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