Online PLC: Can You Organize Your Day for Greater Happiness?


How often do you catch yourself saying, “There aren’t enough hours in the day!” Teaching is the type of profession that makes its way into every minute of our day. Self-care is crucial in order to maintain energy and health so we can be present for our students.

According to researchers Christian Kroll and Sebastian Pokutta, the ideal day would have the 5 key elements shown in the infographic below.

If we allow for 8 hours of sleep, this leaves 9.7 hours for work. While we know a teacher work day cannot be boiled down to one number, reflect on how you might strike more balance in your day.

As we head into the New Year, consider the activities that absorb your time that might be combined or replaced with some of these beneficial elements. Caring for yourself places the best teacher you can be with students that day.

What types of activities seem to eat up your time? How might you reorganize the minutes of your day?

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