The Best of the Online PLC: Part One


This has been a year filled with conversation and camaraderie around content shared from the Heinemann Digital Library. As we wrap up this series, take some time to reflect on past pieces, revisit your favorites, or discover one you many have missed!

The Children in Front of Us – with Jennifer Serravallo

Let's Celebrate Teachers Before We Assess Them – with Regie Routman

Bringing Outside Literacies In – with Deborah Kelt

Can You Organize Your Day for Greater Happiness? – Infographic

6 Essential Actions that Support Growth – with Julie Wright

Mindfulness for Teachers – with Andra Brill

Grit – with Gianna Cassetta

Connecting Point-and-Click Kids to the Power of Novels – with Kylene Beers and Bob Probst

Turn to Mentors – with Meenoo Rami

Imagine Educating a Generation of Solutionaries – with Zoe Weil

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Don’t miss our Summer Book Study in our Teaching and Learning Community Facebook Group, hosted by the Heinemann Professional Development Services team. This summer, we will read, share, and learn together through the 15 fantastic essays in The Teacher You Want to Be, edited by Ellin Oliver Keene and Matt Glover. You can also follow the book study here on the blog and by following @HeinemannPD and @HeinemannPub on Twitter.

Download the schedule by clicking here!

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