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Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and Narrative Writing, Grade 5

Lucy Calkins , Alexandra Marron , Emily Butler Smith , Annie Taranto , Mary Ehrenworth

Pub Date: 10/21/2016
Product Type: Bundle
Grade: 5th - 5th

About the Grade 5 Units By the time children enter fifth grade, they will have been introduced to most if not all of the new skills expected of fifth-graders. The sequence of fifth grade units consolidates those skills and introduces the learning objectives called for in the sixth-grade standards: how to conduct research using primary... more

Units of Study in Argument, Information, and Narrative Writing, Grade 7

Lucy Calkins , Teachers College Reading & Writing Project , M. Colleen Cruz , Audra Robb , Kelly Boland Hohne , Annie Taranto , Gerrit Jones-Rooy

Pub Date: 6/13/2014
Product Type: Bundle
Grade: 7th - 7th

About the Grade 7 Units Seventh graders relish their growing sense of control over their own lives and their sense of agency. In this first unit of the year, Writing Realistic Fiction: Symbolism, Syntax, and Truth, students write engaging short fiction. They lift the sophistication of their writing through attention to individual... more