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Grammar Rants

Patricia Dunn , Ken Lindblom

Pub Date: 3/29/2011
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: 11th - College

rant (rant) n. 1. Violent or extravagant speech or writing. 2. A speech or piece of writing that incites anger or violence. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language grammar rant (gramm?r rant) n. 1. A writer’s or speaker’s view that language is deteriorating, and with it, the world, the people in it, and their... more

Talking, Sketching, Moving

Patricia Dunn

Pub Date: 9/26/2001
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: College - College

I had two very strong responses to this book. On the one hand, I was simply impressed. . . . On the other hand—and precisely because it was so effectively written—the book made me squirm. . . . Talk about hitting home.—Stephen M .NorthCollege composition is failing on three counts: we are not using all available means... more