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Nonfiction Author Studies in the Elementary Classroom

Carol Jenkins , Deborah J D White

Pub Date: 1/29/2007
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: 1st - 6th

If you’ve experienced the delight and wonderment that children bring to nonfiction read-alouds, take the next step, and invite nonfiction authors into your classroom through author study. Like its fiction counterpart, nonfiction author studies engage students deeply and help them interact with texts in multiple ways, and Nonfiction... more

The Allure of Authors

Carol Jenkins

Pub Date: 3/17/1999
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: 2nd - 8th

Readers of all ages seek out favorite authors. They do so because they are uplifted by an author's words, images, sounds, and stories. They do so because they are emotionally and intellectually nourished by these authors. They do so because they are intrigued by the life-literature connections that mark the works. According to Carol... more