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Learning to Support Young Mathematicians at Work

Catherine Fosnot , Maarten Dolk , Kara Imm , William Jacob , Despina Stylianou

Pub Date: 8/29/2012
Product Type: BOOK WITH DVD
Grade: 2nd - 6th

"Our digital-lab environment provides an active, more meaningful professional development experience, which empowers teachers to integrate theory and practice.  We offer teachers the opportunity to embark upon their own landscape of learning journey." --Catherine Twomey Fosnot The bestselling Young Mathematicians at Work series... more

Trades, Jumps, and Stops DVD

Maarten Dolk , Catherine Fosnot , William Jacob , Despina Stylianou , Kara Imm

Pub Date: 8/27/2012
Product Type: DVD
Grade: 2nd - 6th

The DVD features classroom sessions that show students exploring the sequence of investigations and activities found in the popular Contexts for Learning Mathematics algebra unit book Trades, Jumps, and Stops. Extensive classroom video footage allows participants to study children over time, and examine and analyze their development... more