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Agents of Change

Lucy West , Antonia Cameron

Pub Date: 9/18/2013
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: K - 8th

“If education is to be the learning profession, then we must walk the walk of learners.  The bottom line is not perfection, constant success, and high test scores.  The bottom line is creating a culture in which learning, innovation, and collaboration are the norms—a learning culture.  When adults in schools create such environments,... more

Content-Focused Coaching SM

Lucy West , Fritz Staub

Pub Date: 1/28/2003
Product Type: BOOK WITH CD
Grade: K - 8th

. . . a theoretically grounded yet practical manual for coaches of mathematics teachers, and a vision of the possible for American public schools. —Lauren B. Resnick, Director and Senior Scientist, Learning Research and Development Center, UPittWest and Staub have raised the bar when it comes to knowing what high-quality staff... more