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Language and Literacy

Eleanor Kutz

Pub Date: 1/30/1997
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: College - College

Teachers, parents, and policymakers need an informed understanding of language--of how it is acquired, how it is used, and how we can best support the learning of new languages and literacies. Yet in most language education, whether in the high school classroom or the college linguistics course, little connection is made between... more

The Discovery of Competence

Suzy Groden , Eleanor Kutz , Vivian Zamel

Pub Date: 5/17/1993
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: College - College

The Discovery of Competence shows how the writing classroom can be reconceived as an environment for collaborative inquiry by students and teachers. It presents new ways of thinking about program design, redefines the nature of writing assessment, and offers alternative conceptions of multicultural curriculums. Drawing on students'... more

An Unquiet Pedagogy

Eleanor Kutz , Hephzib Roskelly

Pub Date: 3/18/1991
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: College - College

I applaud the authors for encouraging new patterns of talk and silence among learners and between teachers and learners.—English JournalAn Unquiet Pedagogy argues for a new approach to teaching English in the high school and college classroom, one that reconceives the relationship of literacy and the learner. The title is taken... more

Awards for Eleanor'S Work:

Outstanding Academic Book, Choice Magazine
We're pleased to announce that Eleanor Kutz won the Outstanding Academic Book, Choice Magazine for the book: "Language and Literacy"