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Acting in Classroom Drama

Gavin Bolton

Pub Date: 10/1/1999
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: K - 12th

...relevant for every teacher who is serious about using drama in the classroom. —Brian Edmiston Classroom drama is now a widespread component of the language arts, either on its own or in support of cross-curricular goals. Yet there has not been an overall analysis of theory, practice, and assessment until the publication... more

Drama for Learning

Gavin Bolton , Dorothy Heathcote

Pub Date: 1/23/1995
Product Type: Paperback
Grade: K - 12th

For years, Dorothy Heathcote's innovative "Mantle of the Expert" approach has benefited students and teachers all over the world. Mantle of the Expert starts with a problem or task, and, in role, teachers and students explore what knowledge they already have while making new discoveries along the way. Drama for Learning... more